Canoe Kayak Canada

Canoe and Kayak Canada was in need of a website revamp and overhaul. My task was to create page designs that incorporated existing elements of their branding, created a user friendly experience and also looked clean and professional.

  • My Role:   Site Designer & UI / UX Designer
  • Software:   Adobe Photoshop

This project included coming up with concepts with the client, creating mockups to be pitched to the client, and creating designs.


The objective of this project was to redesign Canoe and Kayak Canada's website with the incorporation of elements from their branding. Their red and blue's are vibrant, therefore, implementing the colours into the layout needed to be subtle as to not overwhelm the users. Making the background white and having the colours as accents throughout the layout really make things pop and keeps the look clean. Lastly, I decided to use a very straightforward grid layout that could easily be interchangeable, thus creating an easy transition when implementing new information into the website.

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Homepage Mockup
About Page Mockup
Canoe Kayak Canada Home Page Full View
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