Passion, Dedication, and A Lot Of Coffee

Lets get to know me a little bit, shall we?

My name is Michaela Tuor. I am a graphic designer based out of Canada’s beautiful Capital region: Ottawa, Ontario. I have a degree in Graphic Design and have received certificate in User Experience (UX) / User Interface (UI) Design. Furthermore, I have 7+ years of design work experience. Something to know about me is that I like to keep busy, and that my passion is creating beautiful designs for your ideas.

I currently work full-time at a small software company as their lead designer. My focus with the company is UI/UX Design, and front-end web development. In addition to that, I designed and maintain my local curling clubs website, this helps me stay involved and close with the curling community which I’ve grew up with. Furthermore, I am also part of a startup company where I get to apply my design skills in a more opened and flexible manner, this is an entrepreneurial venture among a couple friends. Lastly, I take on contract projects on the side as an added source to challenge myself creatively.

Here's What I Provide:

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Creative, and Innovation Designs.

My objective is to always delivery your message in a straightforward, yet intriguing manner. I am constantly taking the self initiative to learn and practice new techniques in the ever evolving design world to ensure you the best design possible.

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A friendly, Professional Experience.

My goal is to always provide you with a design that you love and I embrace each new design challenge in a positive manner. I have extensive knowledge and experience in many design programs, therefore, I am very flexible and can adapt quickly to incorporate your design ideas in the best possible manner.

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Delivering The High Quality Results That You Want

It's important to properly consult with clients before and during the design process to ensure that your needs are being met in regards to the design. By doing so, I am able to give you the result you want, the way you want..


So, share your vision & let me create the solution.