CHCC Website Redesign

Website Overhall & Redesign

Carleton Heights Curling Club (CHCC) brought me on to maintain the website and to conduct a complete website revamp. The sought after goal was to freshen up the look and get more user traffic on the site.

CHCC Website Redesign
  • My Role:   Web Content Administrator & Designer
  • Software:   Adobe Dreamweaver,   Adobe Photoshop,   Adobe Indesign

As the club’s sole web administrator, responsibilities range from content coding and design, to editing images and creating event posters, while working with numerous league representatives


It was important provide improvements to the ease-of-use for their members within the older demographic, but also be able to draw in new, primarily younger members to the sport.


As a result, the creation of an accessible, clean-cut website design was the goal. To attain this, pages were kept simple and straightforward. No added clutter to confuse users. Furthermore, use of white space and contrast gave the appearance of being current and modernized.

Mock up of Responsive Web Design