Photo Club Poster

Canadian Geographic

Canadian Geographic was in need of designs for an upcoming award ceremony. The designs were mostly for informational purposes (i.e. signs, posters, and name cards), with the addition of also creating designs for the award certificates themselves.

Name Cards
  • My Role:   Graphic Designer
  • Software:   Adobe Indesign,   Adobe Photoshop,   PowerPoint

Contractor responsible for creating print pieces for an upcoming award ceremony, demonstrating the ability to prioritize and work under pressure due to the large number of designs required concurrently and in a short amount of time.

Photo Club Poster
Poster Design for Canadian Geographic's Photo Club


The approach I took for the informative pieces was to keep the designs simple and straightforward. This made it easy to understand what each piece was trying to communicate to the viewer. As for the certificates, receiving a prestigious award shouldn’t be taken lightly, therefore, I chose to add small embellishments to the design to create the appearance that they were just as important and distinguished as those reputable enough to be receiving them.

Partnership frame
Decorative Partnership Certificate Between The Royal Canadian Geographical Society & Trans Canada Trail
Certificate Design for Retiring Board of Governor Members
Drawn To Victory Event Directional Arrows
Drawn To Victory Event Directional Arrows
Annual General Meeting Sign in sheet
Annual General Meeting Sign in Sheet