Combat baseball bat

Product Advertising Designs

Combat Baseball was releasing a new bat for the upcoming baseball season called the Portent SL G3. To build hype about it they wanted to do a pre-release teaser through web banners, an email blast and merchandise tags.

Combat Web Banner Mockup
  • My Role:   Graphic Designer
  • Software:   Adobe Photoshop

My responsibilities included creating initial concept ideas, creating the mockups and designs in photoshop, and consulting with the art director for feedback.

Combat Homepage Banner


It was important to express the excitement and advantages of the new baseballs bats compared to those of their competitors the main focus. So we needed to come up with a design that emphasized while also being visually appealing.


Using the smooth curves of the DNA graphic from the bat to add texture, desaturating all the colours except those of the bats to add contrast, a design that portrayed the feel of being tough and high-tech was created.

Mockup Bat Tag
Mockup Bat Tag
Mockup Bat Tag
Print Ad for Combat Baseball