Stationery Mockup

LaserDerm & Coolsculpting

Needing an appealing way to welcome and inform guests upon first arrival to the site, I designed the banners for a web banner carousel which allow multiple messages to be conveyed interchangeably.

Laser Derm Mockup in Cellphone
  • My Role:   Graphic Designer
  • Software:   Adobe Photoshop,   Adobe Indesign

My responsibilities included working with the client to gain insight on their goals, create the designs and delivering them to the developer with specs

Web Banner
Mockup of the home page banners in place on the website.

Solution For Web Banners

Keeping it consistent with their soft branding, three banners were created. With the goal being to draw in interest, engaging images were used as the focal point, followed by white space and lastly informative text. Therefore, keeping the viewers interested but not overwhelming them. 

Web Banner
Lazerderm Informative Welcome Banner
Web Banner
Coolscuplting Partnership Banner
Web Banner
Consumer Choice Award Banner

Solution For Page Designs

LaserDerm wanted to add a few informative pages to their website, such as, a contact page and a page to advertise some of the products that they provide at their clinic. With the requirement that it look consistent with the rest of their website, the goal of the pages was to express priority information first continued but the rest. 

LaserDerm Contact Page
LaserDerm Contact Page Layout
Laser Derm Mockup in Cellphone
LaserDerm Products Description Page Layout Displayed in CellPhone Mockup
Laser Derm Hair Removal Brochure
LaserDerm Lazer Hair Removal Brochure